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Unsolicited Thank You's, Testimonials and Shout Outs to Dr. Osborne from his patients.

I ran the Dayton Corridor Classic Half last Sunday and knee felt great! Those orthotics really helped - C. S.

Just want to thank you for helping me with my orthotics, I qualified for the Boston! - D. S.

Hope your running is going well! The orthotics are still serving us well - L & S

My orthotics are great! My time is improving. Thanks! - J. Y.

Wanted to pass a personal message - The orthotics are great! Dublin Marathon Time 3:23 had a blast! - J. B.

The feet and knees are feeling good. Talk to you soon! - N. W.

I hiked at the Cincy Nature Center yesterday and my foot was virtually pain free at the end of the day. Your solution was on the mark. Thanks. - B. F.

Thank you for the front end alignment. The orthotics worked - and are working! - J. A.

Thank you for all you have done for G. she had her best season and ran her personal best at league and was named to the 1st team all league! - W. Family

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me with the arch in my foot. It isn't hurting now that I have these orthotics. - M. M.

Thank you so much for the orthotics! When plantar fascitis struck, I'd have considered no other DPM to consult. To anyone I say "He knows his stuff" - T. S.

The last pair of orthotics you made for me fit like a glove. Enclosed are my original plaster molds. Could you please have a new pair made with my old prescription? Thanks. - J. K.

Thanks for helping me run Sunday! - L. K.

Its finally working! Feet feel great! Thank you - C.

Thanks for adjusting my orthotics. I think the othotics are fine now. Thanks for all your help. - E. S.

Please accept my thanks for all your help, info and advice this fall. With you in my corner, I ran my first marathon in 11 years. My time in Houston was 3:58 and I am quite pleased! Thanks - C. H.

Thanks Dr. Osborne! The orthotics are working great! - C. E.

The inserts are working - no pain - even after running the pig yesterday - M. M.

I appreciate your generous service to me. The new arch supports are good. Thank you. - K. K.

has been running great! The orthotics helped her so much. She has beat her time every race. This weekend she runs at Rio Grande College - Thanks for your advice and help, its been so great seeing her run pain free and enjoying it. - D. G.

Thank you for adjusting my orthotics. I've been running a couple times a week without pain. I'll be taking it slow for awhile, but this is an improvement! Thank you. - J. C.

The orthotics are working well - no more heel pain - M.

Thanks for setting me up with the feet supplies and for giving me all the great information to run faster! You rock doc! Thanks - S. S.

Thanks for all you patience listening to me. The orthotics are great, my feet are great, and my running is improving. Wish I had these years ago. Thanks. - D. M.

Thanks for taking the time to see me before the New York Marathon. I was able to finish the race, the inserts are great. - K. M.

Stacy, thank you for helping me to become a better runner. I have now run two Pigs and Disney. Thanks! - anonymous

Thanks Dr. Osborne, you really know your stuff. The boot camp went well! - G. G.

Stacy, thanks very much for adjusting my orthotics two Saturdays ago. You had places to go but you waited for me. I did feel privileged to witness the inner sanctum in your basement (recording studio). I have to give you a shout-out as well. You promised me to the starting line of Badwater Ultra Marathon, and you delivered! - D. C.

Hi Dr. Osborne, my name is A. M. and I live in Wilmington NC. You have treated 2 of my friends and they have amazing things to say about you and how you have helped them. I watched both of them struggle thru their injuries last year. After seeing you they have not been injured since. I believe my foot problem is similar to L. A. and I am coming up to see you, in August. Looking forward to meeting you. - anonymous

Thanks to you, I am happy to report I had an excellent running season setting personal bests at each race! - anonymous

Thanks so much for the inserts! I am doing amazing. I haven't had pain at all and I am running great! - G. C.

Thanks for meeting with me and being so helpful! - G. M.

Thanks Stacy! You are the best! Keep running strong! - B. R.

Good to see you again! M. has run well and hasn't had any knee pain! Thanks - T.

Just an update, D.'s time has continued to come down and there is now no pain or discomfort. She dropped to 18:47 at Wilmington last weekend placing 5th out of 380! So your prediction of 18:30 by the end of the year may not be far off! Thanks so much for what you have done for her! - M. M.

Hey Doc, I have been able to compete indoor track and cross with no knee pain! - D. S.

Hello Dr. O - Your care has made a huge difference to my running over the years - Thanks - M. G.

Your shoe pad and ideas worked. My right foot is much better. Running without pain for several days now. Thanks for your expert guidance. - M. G.

My feet feel terrific. Thanks for fixing me - J.

You are a genius! I'm going to submit your name to the Nobel Committee in Medicine! I'm running with no problems whatsoever. It's like the problem never was there. I believe you have put me on the road again! - D. S.

I wanted to let you know that orthotics are great! They eliminated my ITB. - E. W.

You are Awesome! Thanks a bunch you saved my running career!! - R. F.

Those things have worked great! I love you so much for fixing my Achilles Pain! - C. C.

Thank you so much for my orthotics! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - L. E.

Thanks! I love the orthotics. - J. I.

Thanks for your assistance. J. is back on Varsity! - anonymous

Finished Dublin Marathon legs intact! - K.

Then custom orthotics are great and they have me looking forward to my next marathon! - K. I.

The orthotics I got from –––– did not help me, you created custom orthotics which enabled me to run again. Thanks again! - M. D.

People are impressed with my performances and I credit it largely to you! I am now feeling like I am running in my own body again. Thanks so much! - K. F.

Doc It looks like you worked your magic once again! J. won State with a course record! - M. R.

I am off to the Milwaukee Marathon! Feet are cooperating nicely, thank you, as is the hip due to the new orthotics - you're the man! - P. L.

I finished second at the Woman's All Ohio! I can't thank you enough! I really appreciate it. - K. W.

I have to report that I consider the orthotics a tremendous success! - P. M.

You are a miracle worker! My feet don't hurt! T. G.

She is on her way to State! Thanks! - Z. G.

My orthotics feel great. I played golf in them yesterday and had no problems. - C. V.

Inserts working out well! - G. C.

Thanks so much for the orthotics adjustment last week - think it did the trick. - K. C.

Wanted to give you an update on the inserts! They are working great! Just ran the longest run of the season in them! - A. K.

Dr. O, this is long over due, but my son never made it thru a cross season until you fit him with orthotics. Not only did he finish the season but he ran in the State meet with his team. What a great way to end his high school career! - J. R.

Thanks for helping me get to State! Without your help this would not have happened! Thanks so much! - D. M.
P.S. We beat Colerain.

Thanks so much for everything you are doing for me. You have taken my running to the next level. You are an amazing and funny Doctor and Coach! Thanks again. - C. S.

Thanks Stacy!! You be the Man!!! - R. P. Thanks Dr. O.

You are a life saver for my running! - S. R.

The inserts helped quite a bit with the icing and I am now confident I will finish the marathon! - J. B.

I qualified for the World Duathlon Championship on Team USA! Hugs to you! L. A.

Thanks again for those wonderful soft orthotics! They are just what I needed! - S. R.

Thank you so much for your excellence in Podiatric Biomechanics, K is working on improving thanks to the inserts. You're the best! - D. K.

Our feet feel wonderful! M & C

Thank you once again Dr. O! You're wonderful!! - M. B.

I want to let you know my feet have never felt better! - L. Y.

The insoles and arches you made for me are working well. Thanks! - L. O.

Since getting my orthotics I have had no pain in my quad. It is amazing how a little think like biomechanics can make the pain go away. - K. F.

You are a god, a healer, a miracle worker my foot is virtually pain free! - B. H.

I can't thank you enough for your help! I finished the training plan you gave me last Wednesday without feeling any pain. - R. W.

Well, you must be a genius! I have been wearing my orthotics for 3 weeks and I am seeing dramatic improvement in my plantar fascitis. Thanks again, see you on the road! - R. S.

Thanks again for all your hard work with Alex! - R.

The tuning that you did on my new orthotics really did the trick! - B. J.

Thanks for your fix on my son S.! He is completely healed and is State Champion! - N. P.

Thanks for your help! That was my first pain free 5K in over a year! - J. H.

I want to say thank you! S. is now running with the big dogs now for the first time and is very pleased with his progress. - B. P.

Your treatment of my knee pain was very successful. The orthotic you prescribed for me worked wonderfully. - L. N.

I ran the Thanksgiving day race and my foot did not hurt at all, nor did it hurt the next day! - D. L.

Dear Dr. Campbell –– last year you referred me to Dr. ––––– for my ankle problems. His orthotics did not help me. So I went to Dr. Stacy Osborne and the orthotics he built for me worked wonderfully. I hope you will refer runners to Dr. Osborne in the future. - M. R.

The orthotics worked great! I am heading in the right direction! - B. R.

Your orthotics helped to ease my knee pain a great deal! - J. G.

I finished Chicago and I am happy to say neither my achilles or my knee acted up during the race! Thanks again! - B. D.

Thank you! you are responsible for getting M. and B. back to pain free running! - M. B.

Thanks so much for the orthotics. I'm feeling great and ran 3:24 at Boston and 3:28 at the Pig! - J. A. The pains gone! Thanks!! - J. C.

Thank you Stacy! Feet feeling much better and I'm back to running again. It's always great to see you! M.S.

Great News! The final adjustment to my orthotics did the trick. I no longer have knee pain! - G. S.

Running has become a part of my life and I am truly grateful for your medical care, patience and genuine concern to help me return to running. I recommend you strongly! - E. H.

I have to say that the orthotics worked great. - E. M.

The orthotics have been a God send! I ran my first race in 4 months! - K. A.

Thanks for your help! Glad I didn't have the surgery. Second opinion was worth it! - D. M.

Dr. O. you are not a quack. The pad you put on my orthotics allowed me to run 15 miles almost pain free. I am so happy! You are awesome! - J. C.

Dr. O. Great Improvement! - P. S. Stacy, wanted to thank you for eliminating my plantar fascitis with the shot and my orthotics. Turning 70 in a month. You've given more race directing years. Shooting for 50 years completed in 2017! Best Don Connolly Race Director 1300 races.

All comments are on file at the office....plus many, many more.